V3I5: Economics

Vol. 3, Issue 5 Cover

Hello, worldbuilders!

Worldbuilding Magazine is proud to present our October 2019 issue: Economics. So often we push the subject aside in our worlds, denoting that all fantasy worlds use precious metals and science fiction always has something called credits. We can do better. Economics and currency impact our lives at nearly every step. So, we did some research, brought in some experts, and learned a lot in the process. In this issue you can expect:

  • Two articles on economics, one of which directly tackles the economics of feudal Europe!
  • An interview with Lianess, an assistant professor of economics
  • An interview with Dr. Trent Hergenrader, associate professor of English and author of Collaborative Worldbuilding for Writers and Gamers.
  • An interview with our featured worldbuilder Lithish, game designer and tabletop game master.
  • An artist showcase with Eric Franer and his writer Blaise Jones, who together are creating the wonderful creature-filled world of Experiment 18.
  • The winners from our Coins & Currency competition with World Anvil: Ademal & M. Kelley who both created fascinating types of currency for their worlds.
  • New prompts, and other extras!

We hope that you find this issue helpful in your worldbuilding. If you enjoyed it, or have any comments/suggestions, please leave us feedback on the form linked below. Also, if you would like to help in the production of the magazine, please let us know via an email or by stopping into our Discord server! We’re always looking for new artists, editors, writers, and other organizational help.

Special thanks to the people who helped make this issue possible: to the dedicated staff, community contributors, and to all of you for reading.

Happy worldbuilding!

-the Worldbuilding Magazine team

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