This page outlines the various roles occupied by the administration and staff of the Worldbuilding Society, which includes Worldbuilding Magazine and the Worldcasting podcast. You may also contact members of the administration directly with questions via email or by contacting us on Discord.

Joining Our Staff

Onboarding will vary per department, since different skills and needs will be present for each. However, the new staff member should be aware of the following:

  • A staff role at Worldbuilding Magazine is a volunteer position.
  • Anything that you write, illustrate, or otherwise create remains yours. We do not claim ownership. By submitting work to us you allow us to use it for the particular issue/product the work was submitted for in any format including but not limited to digital and print. Any change to that product or your work must be approved by its creator. Any additional uses will be applied, but the creator may have an opportunity to deny a request that content be used outside of the issue it was submitted to. You may share your work which runs in the magazine anywhere you wish after it releases. You may learn more about our terms of use in our copyright statement.
  • Staff are expected to submit new work and/or work on a product at least once every 4 months (or every other issue of Worldbuilding Magazine). If you can do more, we encourage you to do so. 
    • If you have a limited schedule, such as you’re only available in the summer, let us know so that we can work around it.
    • If you would like to be staff for only a few months to test it out, you’re welcome to request this. At the end of the set time you will meet with your department director and can discuss the next steps.
    • If your availability changes let us know. If you give us a heads up that you’ll be gone for a few months to take care of some things with work, for example, that helps us know that you haven’t abandoned the team.
    • Administration will always reach out to you if you’ve been inactive for an extended time before taking action. If there is no response, or you request it, you will be removed from staff.
  • As a staff member you may move up the ranks to fill higher positions as needed, such as Deputy, Chair, Director, etc.. If you have any interest in this, or you would not like to be considered at all, feel free to let us know (as well as let us know if your decision changes).
    • Board of Director members manage the non-profit Worldbuilding Society while delegating the running of particular projects to relevant teams.
    • Administration members (Editor-in-Chief, Editing Chair, and Deputies) manage their departments and generally make sure that content is completed with respect to deadline goals. This is often in addition to their normal department work, so a Writing Department Director manages the team in addition to writing for the magazine. Specific duties vary and have included (but are not limited to) reformatting deadlines and schedules, updating community rules, developing a new product, finding new ways to share a product, etc.
    • Staff members (Writers, Artists, Editors) prepare and correct content for the magazine, constituting the beating heart of Worldbuilding Magazine. In the case of Worldcasting, staff coordinate recording sessions, subjects to discuss, and edit the audio in order to release a final product.  

To inquire about joining staff email us, or reach out on Discord!