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About the Podcast

Worldcasting is a weekly podcast led by your host Tyler (Dino), and his constantly rotating guests. Together, the worldcasters will draw upon their varied backgrounds and experiences to discuss worldbuilding in its many forms.

Worldcasting was created in mid-2019 by a group of passionate creators on the team at Worldbuilding Magazine. Each episode tackles a single topic, such as magic, religion, naming places, and much more! Tune in each Tuesday on a variety of podcast listening platforms!

Want to get in touch? Have a topic suggestion? Send your thoughts to or contact us on the Worldbuilding Magazine Discord server!

Worldcasting Episode Guide

Season 2

S2 E01 Worldbuilding 102 with Hello Future Me and Tale Foundry (Play Episode Now!)
Join Tyler and Adam as they talk with YouTubers Tim Hickson (Hello Future Me) and Benji Cook (Tale Foundry). Together, they discuss a flurry of topics ranging from how they got started, to how they approach worldbuilding, and more.

S2 E02 Punkography (Play Episode Now!)
Join Tyler, Chris, Imachinate, Opal, and Red as they cover the basics of the various -punk genres: cyberpunk, steampunk, and many more. It’s a strange, complicated collection of (micro)genres, and we’re here to help you through them.

S2 E03 The Iceberg Principle (Play Episode Now!)
Tyler, B.K. Bass, Inky, and Imachinate discuss the iceberg principle: only showing a portion of your total worldbuilding. The practice, popularized by American author Ernest Hemmingway, helps us put the story first in our writing and storytelling. Because as much as we all may enjoy worldbuilding, people are usually more interested in the story around it.

S2 E04 Examining Worldbuilding (Play Episode Now!)
Tyler, Adam, Imachinate, and Taylor discuss how we view and examine worldbuilding. They bring a discerning lens to discuss what works and what doesn’t in a setting—and how to apply those discoveries about other worlds to your own.

S2 E05 Magical Ecology (Play Episode Now!)
Tyler, Adam, Imachinate, and Red discuss creating new—magical—ecosystems for your setting. Going beyond your classic dragons, they consider what else exists around them, and how new introductions to that ecosystem might change the balance in it.

S2 E06 Heroes and Villains (Play Episode Now!)
Tyler, Imachinate, Ragolution, and Red dive into creating your own heroes and villains, the archetypes that they fit into, how varied their motivations can be, and what makes some of their favorites so memorable.

S2 E07 Evil Empires (Play Episode Now!)
Join Tyler, Chris, Hex, and Imachinate as they discuss the concept of evil empires. From their rise to domination, and eventual defeat, evil empires and the heroes who topple them are a long held fascination in fiction, and are a classic backdrop to many stories

S2 FC1 Fireside Chat: Adam Bassett (Play Episode Now!)
Meet Adam Bassett. Adam is the Vice Editor-in-Chief at Worldbuilding Magazine, a lead game designer at Smunchy Games, an author, artist, and a UI (user interface) designer. Adam and Tyler discuss his work, worldbuilding, and more in this episode of Worldcasting.

S2 FC2 Fireside Chat: B.K. Bass (Play Episode Now!)
Meet B.K. Bass. He’s the Writing Chair at Worldbuilding Magazine, a published author, and Editor-in-Chief of Kyanite Publishing. He and Tyler discuss his work, worldbuilding, and more in this episode of Worldcasting.

Season 1

S1 E01 Worldbuilding 101 (Play Episode Now!)
Join Dino, B.K. Bass, Hexarch, and Imachinate as they discuss worldbuilding for your medium—plus some general tips and tricks along the way!

S1 E02 Occupied with Worldbuilding (Play Episode Now!)
Join Dino, Adam, B. K. Bass, and Imachinate as they discuss governments, economics, trades and occupations in celebration of our Trades & Occupations issue that just released!

S1 E03 Cape Disappointment (Play Episode Now!)
Join Dino, AC, Adam, and Anna as we try to have a discussion on Tolkien with two people who don’t know Tolkien, and turn it into talking tropes and naming conventions!

S1 E04 Divine Oomph (Play Episode Now!)
Dino, Chris, Hexarch, Red, and Imachinate Discuss mythology and religion and how it relates to worldbuilding.

S1 E05 Inside RPGs with Phil Athans (Play Episode Now!)
Join Dino, Chris, Ragolution, and special guest Phil Athans as they discuss worldbuilding! Their conversation delves into role playing games, shared settings, the role-playing games industry, and more.

S1 E06 History is Cyclical (Play Episode Now!)
Dino, Adam, Hex, and Imachinate discuss using history as a springboard for creating a backstory for your story, and how to frame a timeline.

S1 E07 Avoiding Overexplaining (Play Episode Now!)
Dino, Adam, and Imachinate discuss best practices for talking about your worlds with others—what helps lead to a productive conversation and ways to avoid overexplaining things.

S1 E08 Talking Magic (Play Episode Now!)
Dino, BK Bass, Hexarch, and Imachinate discuss the implications and use of magic in worldbuilding. In addition, they dive into the difference between a hard and soft magic system, examples of good uses for both, and how to make the distinction in your own setting.

S1 E09 Every World Needs a Platypus (Play Episode Now!)
On this episode of Worldcasting Dino is joined by Aravar, Imachinate, Inky, and Red in a discussion on the Importance of magical beasts and animals in fiction and mythology. From iconic creatures such as the dragon or gryphon, to lesser known and ancient ones such as the Sirrush. The roles they play in the narrative, and the perception of the wilder lands that they create.

S1 E10 Boba & Kissing Games (Play Episode Now!)
On this episode, Dino is joined by Hexarch, Imachinate, Inky, and Ragolution as they discuss cultural norms, customs, and some overlooked pieces of culture to help your peoples feel just a little bit more alive.

S1 E11 The Arts (Play Episode Now!)
Dino is joined by Adam, B.K. Bass, and Imachinate as they discuss the necessity for including the arts in your setting. Tune in for a discussion on worldbuilding with art, and a bit of behind-the-scenes info on our latest magazine release: The Arts!

S1 E12 On the Realms with Ed Greenwood (Play Episode Now!)
Dino, B.K. Bass, and Imachinate talk with Ed Greenwood in our podcast season finale. Ed is a New York Times Bestselling Author, and the creator of the Forgotten Realms; the iconic setting for Dungeons & Dragons.

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