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What is Worldbuilding?

Worldbuilding is the process of constructing an imaginary world, often associated with a novel, film, or other media.

Guidance on Worldbuilding

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Latest Issue

Worldbuilding Magazine is proud to present our December 2020 issue: Survival. This time we’re taking an in-depth look at survival techniques, how civilizations thrive in adverse environments, and more. This issue is also filled with seven exciting short stories that play upon this topic, demonstrating how it can be fused in fiction. Additionally, we’ve got the winners from World Anvil’s “Alliance Challenge,” and new interviews:

  • New articles and short stories featuring worldbuilding with survival in mind. Plus, the conclusion Emory Glass’ flash fiction series Thirty-Three Tales of War!
  • An interview with Brian McClellan, an author known for his work in the flintlock fantasy genre with titles such as Promise of Blood and Sins of Empire.
  • An interview with Anna Urbanek, the illustrator and graphic designer at Double Proficiency.
  • A community showcase with Reilly Kissane, one of our readers who is creating a fantastical world called Ekunbi.
  • Plus, more contest winners from World Anvil, your questions answered in our Ask Us Anything column, and other free-to-download resources!
Worldbuilding Magazine Volume 4, Issue 6: Survival

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Worldcasting is a weekly podcast with a constantly rotating panel of speakers and guests. Together, the they will draw upon their varied backgrounds and experiences to discuss worldbuilding in its many forms, and how to express it in a variety of media.

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