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What is Worldbuilding?

Worldbuilding is the process of constructing an imaginary world, often associated with a novel, film, or other media.

Guidance on Worldbuilding

Our team provides advice and inspiration in every magazine and podcast we create. Read or listen in on a variety of topics to help enrich your world.


Latest Issue

Worldbuilding Magazine is proud to present our 2022 issue: Disasters & Apocalypses. We have a good mix of showcases, fiction, and articles this time around, all focused on endings and beginnings. It’s particularly appropriate for us as the magazine restructures and exciting new plans are being made for our future. For now, we’d like to present:

  • Four amazing articles on worldbuilding theory and practice.
  • Two short stories about endings, big and small.
  • An interview with Joe Mallozzi, writer and producer of television shows like Stargate and Dark Matter, in which we learn of the secrets for creating worlds that keep bringing viewers back.
  • An art showcase featuring Trevor Roberts’ spectacular Mystery Flesh Pit Park, the natural wonder that you won’t want to miss.
  • An interview with Jason Massey of the Dungeons and Randomness podcast showcasing their setting, Theria..
  • Reviews and analyses of four books that feature outstanding queer worldbuilding.
  • Staff picks for the things that we’re reading and watching, and your questions answered in our Ask Us Anything column!

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Worldcasting is a weekly podcast with a constantly rotating panel of speakers and guests. Together, the they will draw upon their varied backgrounds and experiences to discuss worldbuilding in its many forms, and how to express it in a variety of media.

Worldcasting is available on most podcast platforms!

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