V5I4: Social Etiquette & Expectations

Social Etiquette & Expectations

Hello, worldbuilders!

Worldbuilding Magazine is proud to present our final issue for 2021: Social Etiquette & Expectations. This issue shifted from instructive to demonstrative, with only a few articles and a larger than usual number of short stories following the titular topic. Plus, the winners from World Anvil’s latest challenge and new interviews:

  • Two new worldbuilding articles featuring discussions on social expectations and politics!
  • Three stunning short stories that display how etiquette and social systems can be used in fiction.
  • An interview with L.D. Lewis, a co-founder of FIYAH Magazine, author, and the current publisher at Fireside Fiction.
  • An interview with Helena Real about her current project Wall Mapu, for which she received the 2020 IGDN Diversity Sponsorship to develop.
  • The winners from World Anvil’s Costume challenge, and your questions answered in our Ask Us Anything column!

Coming Soon: Worldcasting Podcast

Season 4 of Worldcasting is preparing for an early 2022 release. Follow us on social media or sign up for the newsletter on this site so you get notified when it’s out. In the meantime, you can catch up on episodes that you missed!

Worldbuilding Magazine in 2022

This year our team published another four issues of Worldbuilding Magazine. We had a blast and want to thank everyone who read, shared, and learned something from the magazine. However, as much as we love this project, it is quite a commitment. We’re all volunteers, and some of our key people are leaving to start families, or pursue careers/personal projects. While we’re thrilled for them, the fact remains that Worldbuilding Magazine will not continue in its current form (and may cease entirely) if we do not find new volunteers with time to spend on this project.

The magazine has gone on for five years now. That’s far longer than any of us expected back in 2017, and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together. Despite this news, we’re hopeful for our future. The next season of our podcast will return in early 2022, and there will be at least one more magazine issue next year (release date TBD). While we create it, we’ll be seeking to onboard new layout designers, artists, editors, and anyone else who wants to volunteer.

If you would like to learn more about how you can volunteer for the magazine (or podcast) send us an email or inquire at our Discord server. The people we need most right now to continue the magazine are layout designers (currently using Adobe InDesign, but we’ve considered moving to Affinity Designer if that’s what most people want to use), artists, and editors (developmental or copy editors) in that order. If you don’t fall into any of those skill sets, but still want to help, reach out anyway! If we can find a place for you in the magazine or podcast, we will.

To the staff and contributors listed here, all of whom volunteered during 2021, thank you. To everyone reading, we hope you’ve found something to inspire you in this year’s issues of Worldbuilding Magazine.

Happy worldbuilding!

-the Worldbuilding Magazine team

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