V3I2: Technology

Vol. 3, Issue 2 Cover

Hello universe!

On this stardate 2019.04.14, the Worldbuilding Magazine team from Earth, Sol system would like to present to you the second issue of our third volume, themed “Technology.” In this issue, we have many articles and features aimed at helping guide you through the process of incorporating technology and its effects into your world. In fact, we have so much to say about technology, that this is our biggest issue yet, coming in at 88 pages! That’s 16 more than our previous record of 72 pages from our Cartography and Navigation issue.

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to Joshua Jenkins for taking the time to tell us about his world The Hand Unseen, a dystopian near-future setting springing from alternative historical events; to James Schumacher (also known as Quasar) for showing us the inspiration and thought that went into the creation of his game Species, an evolution simulator; to Matthew Myslinski for allowing us to showcase some of his incredible artwork from his worldbuilding project Driftwood Archives; and of course to our incredible staff of writers, editors, artists, and support team members.

If you don’t know, we also do lots of fun stuff between issue releases on our highly active Discord server! We’ve got several channels dedicated to sharing and discussing worldbuilding, art, writing, resources, and other creative works. We also run a book club, post worldbuilding prompts every Wednesday, and organize RPG one-shots where gamemasters can sign up to try out new systems or styles for which they want to get feedback. We’ve also got several more projects in the oven we’re cooking up to help contribute more to the worldbuilding community.

If you’d like to get involved, please join the server or email us! We always appreciate help, especially with the creation of the magazine itself. This whole venture is made possible by members of the worldbuilding community—and if you’re reading this, you’re a member too. The more people we have on board, the bigger and better things we can do to make the worldbuilding community more supportive and beneficial. Whether you’re a writer, artist, editor, organizer, marketer, developer, or are just curious how we do things, send us an email at contact@worldbuildingmagazine.com or join the Discord server to get started.

Thanks for reading our newest issue. We hope you all enjoy, and that it helps you build your worlds!

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Happy Worldbuilding!

-the Worldbuilding Magazine Team

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