Worldbuilding Collaboration Project Introduction


What kind of world will we build?

At the beginning of the magazine’s life, a collaboratively built a world called Postantera (World Anvil page) made appearances in earlier issues of the magazine. It has long since fallen to the wayside, but building a world together as a community seemed like a natural outgrowth from a community like ours. However, rather than revive Postantera, we’ve decided to build a new world from scratch.

Spearheaded by Tina Hunter, Spartango, and Hikitsune-Red, a new collaborative worldbuilding project has begun. It will be a community-built world, publicly available as a resource for everyone to learn from as well as contribute to. These three moderators came together to create the “seed idea” that we will build the world upon:

Somewhere, far from Earth, lies a gas giant around which four habitable moons orbit. These moons are unlike anywhere else in the universe, passing through a “haze” given off by their gas-giant parent, causing all sorts of wonders both scientific and magical. It is here, dear reader, that the future of humanity lies.

The process is still fluid since this is in its infancy, but the general idea is to put forward weekly prompts for the community to discuss. A certain number of idea slots are available and, once filled, the community sets out to fine tune these ideas, then the community votes. The winning idea will become canon and used to help determine how this new world will operate. We’ve also set up a World Anvil page to hold all this newly built information; the setting, history, and even this system’s current place in a grander timeline.

The first prompt asked how humanity came to this system and their relation to Earth or other human colonies. Some ideas the community came up with included alien wormholes, extinction level events for Earth, dual AI’s that crashed because of a meme, and seed ships that can print a new population. As of today, the community has already voted for one of them.

Care to participate? Join our Discord community and help us build something amazing.

Image by Tina Hunter

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