The Art of Dressing Cultures

“Clothing is one of the most ubiquitous and diverse fields in the arts. If we look at fashion history, it always becomes a chronicle of culture. Clothing is worn culture, and one of very few aspects that let us tell that story visually—not only with individual characters but entire civilisations. It should be as layered (metaphorically or literally) as your social structures, easily hinting at shared values, beliefs, or political stances. Looking at how our world dressed in the past, what we wear now, and how visionaries think our clothes will look in the future can make an incredibly rich resource for your worldbuilding.”

—The Art of Dressing Cultures, by Inky & Zaivy Luke-Aleman

In our latest issue (V4I1: The Arts), Inky gave an excellent discourse on how to dress your cultures for worldbuilding success. With how beautifully extensive the article was (and how limited our space at the end of the page) we thought we’d give you an extended list of resources Inky uses for her work, and provide you some tools with which to continue your fashion deep dive.

Below, you’ll find three categories of content:

  • Sewing and Costuming as Craft breaks down the costume design process by the example of Black Panther and also showcases some basic techniques on working with fabrics and reconstructions.
  • Fashion History will give you a brief overview of fashion throughout the centuries around the world (which unfortunately isn’t as extensive as it should be).
  • Databases wraps up as our potpourri category and contains some useful info on textiles and original dress for inspiration and reference purposes.

We hope you find this list helpful, and if—for some strange reason—you came here first without checking out Inky and Zaivy’s phenomenal article “The Art of Dressing Cultures” or any of the other fantastic articles and artwork we have in our first issue of Volume 4, check out The Arts here!

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Sewing and Costuming as Craft

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Fashion History

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