Navigating Toward V2I5

Hello worldbuilders!

As we enter the month of September, editing is well under way for Volume 2 Issue 5 of Worldbuilding Magazine. In this next issue, you can expect a number of articles, artwork, and an interview which focus specifically on Cartography & Navigation. There will be a few other listings unrelated to this theme as well, ranging from constructed languages to the general aesthetic design of a culture, which we’re excited about. We’d like to take a step back and share with you some information about the initial approval and editing process, as well as share a bit about what you can expect in early October.

At Worldbuilding Magazine we try to share the highest quality work, improve everything accepted through our month-long editing cycle, and give you the best articles or stories we can offer. With V2I5 that is no different. In this particular issue we are trying out a new approval process wherein a few senior staff sift through all submissions to choose articles for publication. Those accepted pieces are then submitted to a multi-step editorial process wherein a minimum of 3 editors examine the work and the writer gets several chances to revise it before publication. We’re approximately halfway through that right now.

One thing that surprised us this time around was the number of community members who provided work to us for review. Each of the three community submissions were accepted and, barring any complications, should appear in October’s release. We feel very fortunate for these authors sharing their work with us and going through this editing process, so I’d like to take this moment to thank each of them as well as the dedicated editors and staff writers who contributed to this issue.

When we’re reviewing an article for Worldbuilding Magazine, we’re looking for a few things: skill in writing and offering a quality discussion or idea. For example, one community member submitted to us an article about fitting your maps into the world’s lore, which we loved. In stories, we look for quality writing and some examples of worldbuilding within that story, from small details about a room to sweeping landscapes as a character walks into town. These pieces are harder to judge, but we enjoy reading and publishing them.

Cartography & Navigation is shaping up well. We’re hard at work editing the various pieces, making original artwork, and planning the December issue which comes after! Volume 2 Issue 6 will be themed around magic, and we are currently accepting community submissions. Email us at or join our Discord server to learn more!

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