World Anvil

Hello worldbuilders!

Today we want to share with you the ultimate set of worldbuilding organization tools, World Anvil! World Anvil is a site with many different features to help make sense of your world, and present it in a powerful and intuitive way. Think of it as a curated wiki, but with more worldbuilding focus. Imagine being able to drop links to your location pages onto an interactive map. Followers of your world can see where every location is positioned, and then open them up straight from the map and read their history. Here’s a few features that make World Anvil stand out:

  • Timelines – Show the series of events that led up to that important world-changing war
  • Article Linking – “Edward the Wise was the son of Gregory…who was he again?” *click* “Oh, I see”
  • Maps – Articles can not only be linked in other articles, but also on interactive maps for powerful visualization
  • Search – Everything in your world is indexed and quickly searchable, by you or your followers. Unless of course, you’ve marked it—
  • Secret – Not everything you make you want to share with the public just yet. You can make secrets that only you can access.

World Anvil is more than just a set of powerful tools; it’s a rapidly growing community. You’ll always have a listening ear when you’re ready to present your latest development for feedback or praise. You’ll also find sources of inspiration, and other resources that you may find useful as you craft your world.
Pay them a visit at We found it useful, and hope you will too.

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