V2I3: Conflict

Vol. 2, Issue 3 Cover

Hello worldbuilders!

We are thrilled to share our tenth issue of Worldbuilding Magazine! Inside you will find articles with a focus on the types of conflict that may occur in your worlds, a topic many of our team were eager to work on. Inside you’ll find a few interviews with novelist James Wolanyk, artist Thomas Muir, and worldbuilder Arcturox as well as several articles from the dedicated Worldbuilding Magazine team.

Our next issue is themed “Creatures: Monstrous, Mundane, and More”. If you are interested in submitting a piece do not hesitate to contact us! We accept articles, short stories, art, and other types of worldbuilding content. We’ve also got a surprise coming in July, so make sure you subscribe!

We’re recruiting artists, writers, editors, and any who wish to contribute. If you’re interested in improving the magazine, please drop us a note at contact@worldbuildingmagazine.com, or drop by our Discord server.

Thank you, and enjoy the magazine!

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The Worldbuilding Magazine Team

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