V1I1: Getting Started

Issue 1 Cover

The team and I at Worldbuilding Monthly Magazine are proud to present to you the inaugural issue of Worldbuilding Monthly! Inside you will find articles about different aspects of worldbuilding written by our team over the course of the last month. We worked hard for this issue, but we know that the second issue will be better with your feedback! Please don’t hesitate to tell us how you feel about this magazine here! We live off of constructive feedback!

Since this is the first issue, we needed to work out the kinks in the system and respond to feedback when we receive it to improve future issues. As such, this issue is quite truncated to focus on the main content, as we did not set up an apparatus to accept submissions, worlds, and artwork. However, now with the help of my team, we created some google forms for you writers, artists, and contributors to fill out if you want your work to be possibly showcased in future issues!

For the second issue, themed ‘planet building’ we will accept article ideas, short stories (if there is a paragraph connecting it to good worldbuilding), artwork, and even completed articles from users of this sub. There is no guarantee that your work will be published in this issue, as the editorial team will only select a handful from each category. In addition to this, our team will select someone who filled out the world showcase form to interview for the next issue’s world showcase article. Standalone artwork submissions can be submitted to me with a short paragraph description as well.

For those experienced worldbuilders, we will have a lot more technical and insider looks behind worldbuilding in the future issues as we work with our recently expanded team.

I hope that you will enjoy this issue; it only goes up from here! Excelsior!

Sincerely, UNoahGuy Editor-in-Chief

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